Holidays in Greece

Save Now for the Holidays: National Financial Planning Month


October is many things to many people, but did you know it’s National Financial Planning Month?  And we all know what’s looming two months from now!  It’s not too late to do some planning for savings this holiday season, and get a solid foundation established so next year you’ll be sitting pretty come the holidays!…

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July 4th Greece NY

Anyone else excited for this exciting time of year? We are so close to the “festivities” of July 4th. Whether or not you have previously celebrated in the area, we are here to give you tips on celebrating July 4th Greece NY. Greece Town Hall: Old Fashioned 4th of July This celebration, held on Tuesday July…

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Thanksgiving Menu Planner

It’s almost turkey time!   That’s all well and good, but someone needs to actually cook the meal.  We’ve hunted high and low to find just the right Turkey guides this year, to make your meal a success.  Check out our Thanksgiving Menu Planner. Make a Plan New York Times Thanksgiving Menu Planner. Here’s why…

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Free Halloween Fun

When you think of the holidays that hit your wallet the hardest, you probably think of Christmas & Valentine’s Day.  But, did you know that Halloween is one of the most expensive holidays for American families??  USA Today  shares that we will spend nearly 8.4  billion dollars on Halloween in 2016 for costumes, yes, including pet…

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