Back to School Cool!

It’s hard to believe summer vacation is winding down (or maybe for some of us parents, we’re thinking it can’t come soon enough!)… But Greece Central Schools are back in session in LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AWAY!!

Greece Central

StudyWe’ve got some key info for you & some great tips to make back-to-school cool!!!  The Greece Central School District already has their 2014-2015 calendar ready!  Time to print that bad boy out, or add important dates to your iPhone or Google calendar!  And don’t forget to plan something special for that first long weekend off in October!!

Save Some Money!

WalletWe don’t have to tell you that back to school time can be one of the most expensive times of year for families.  We want to help you save some money!  Passion for Savings has a great resource for all your back to school savings!  It brings together the sales flyers from your favorite stores, including WalMart, Target & Staples!  They also have some great tips to get the most for your buck this year!  Starting early is key, so get going!!

Take Care of the Details

CalendarA new school year is a great time to make sure you are on top of life’s details. We tend to be a little more laid back in the summer, but now it’s time to get back on track with your normal schedule! If you haven’t already, make an appointment for your kiddos to get their yearly check up at the doctor, dentist and optometrist!  Get a spot set up for kids to do homework, pick a spot free from clutter and distractions…  And.  As much as we hate to suggest it, you might start waking everyone up a little earlier.  Back to school can be a rude awakening, but if you start setting the alarm a couple weeks ahead of time, it won’t be so rough.

Have Some Fun!

Yes, summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the fun is! Plan some fun activities for the fall; it’ll make back to school a little easier on everyone! Maybe a fun breakfast for the first day of school? Or an ice cream cone after the first week of school ends. Maybe plan an end of the summer break party? Let the kids get reconnected with school friends they maybe haven’t seen in awhile!

Greece Central has some of the greatest schools in the area!  We’d love to give you more information about our top ranking schools!  Click here to get connected.  

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