Back to School Guide Greece NY

Back to School Guide  Greece NY

bus-1319360_960_720Is it just us, or is this summer flying by?  If you’ve been shopping lately, you’re sure to have noticed that we are entering into Back to School season, and it’s time to start gearing up for another great year! Sharon Quataert Reality brings you all you need to know for back to school this year!  Check out our updated back to school guide  Greece NY.

Greece Central School District Calendar

It’s time to mark your calendar!  Students report back to school on September 8th this year!  Here is the complete calendar for Greece Central Schools (be sure to check out the dates for winter break; it’s a weird year!).

And if you’re looking for the athletic calendars, here they are:


School Supply List

Wondering what your child needs for the upcoming year?  It’s easier than ever to find out!  The folks at GCSD have put all the lists on their website.  Just find your student’s school, click the link  & download your list! Is your list looking a little intimidating?  We’ve got some money-saving tips as you start to pick up all those school supply goodies!

  1. boy-160168_960_720Check at home first!  You may find that you have a lot of the supplies your student needs already!  Sure, a fresh spiral notebook will be important… but do you really need to buy new pens when you have 87 stashed in your junk drawer?  See what you’ve got, before you hit the store!
  2. Use social media to scope out good deals!  Follow your favorite office supply store on Twitter and watch for deals!  Check out Staples, Office Max & Best Buy.
  3. Start early & wait for things to go on sale.  We know it’s tempting to get all your back to school shopping done in one fell swoop, but you can save money by spacing it out.  Find out what’s on sale this week, pick up what you need and then wait and see if your other supplies go on sale in the coming weeks!

Need more tips? Check out this article from US News and World Report.

If you’d like more information on any school district, including how to make a great transition, contact us today!


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