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Spring Novel Releases: Greece NY

spring novel releases

  As the winter thaws, here are five spring novel releases to start lining up your reading schedule over the next few months!  Don’t have a reading schedule?  No time like the present.  Do yourself a favor if you haven’t read much recently.  It’s a pleasure and passion that many discover or rediscover simply by…

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February Recess 2018: Rochester, NY

It’s finally the first break of the new year! Our kids are all so excited to have a few days off of school, and are probably itching to get out and go do something fun. In Rochester especially, there are tons of fun things to do in and around the town that incorporate all ages…

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Vacation Spots For 2018

A snowy winter so far has got the word vacation on everyone’s mind! Doesn’t have to be a warm getaway, but just time to unwind from the stress of the holidays and the pressures a new year brings. With so many places to venture to the big question is, where to go on vacation? Well, have no…

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Fun and Festive Holiday Cocktails

After a day of frolicking in a winter wonderland, there is only one way to warm up from the inside-out: Christmas cocktails! After all, there no better way to feed your Christmas spirit than by drinking Christmas spirits! We’ve come up with a list of the trendiest and tastiest festive holidays cocktails that are a…

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