Countdown to Christmas: Advent Calendars

The holiday season is upon us and the countdown to Christmas is on! The Christmas spirit seems to surround everyone and everything this time of year. Every individual has their own unique ways of celebrating this special time. Many people choose to count down to Christmas with Advent Calendars. This is a great way to get excited about the holiday each and every day leading up to it!

The term “Advent” comes from a Latin word meaning “arrival” or “coming”. Though Advent Calendars are extremely popular, many people don’t know their origin. Like many other Christmas traditions, they had their start in Germany in many years ago. According to Time, “They first emerged in the mid-1800s as another tool to focus on the reason for the season. Before paper became readily available, many families used small candles or even blocks to mark each day approaching Christmas. Later, calendar doors opened to Bible verses that tell the Christmas story.”

Today, Advent Calendars are found in many homes across the world. Though they have seemed to take a turn away from bible verses, they embody the Christmas spirit and help add to the excitement we all feel during the Holiday season. They have even taken off into many creative turns. They are offered with chocolates, tea, alcohol, cheese, and anything one can imagine! They are also taking on more unique forms than ever before. For example, this brewery in the UK turned the outside of their warehouse into a giant Advent Calendar.Advent Calendar

Sharon Quataert Realty is pleased to present our very own Advent Calendar this year on social media. Behind the doors, you will find beautiful homes and many prizes featuring local Greece, NY businesses! Be sure to follow along each day so that you don’t miss out!

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