Fall Home Maintenance : Greece NY

Hey, it’s Q here! (You may have seen my intro video.) Taking care of your home as the season’s change is extremely important! I have a few more fall home maintenance tips for you, so you can make sure you’re ready!

Get Your Numbers

We’ll say it again because knowing your numbers is at the top of our list.  The value of your home is an important factor in determining your financial future.   Understanding what fair market value is will help you determine how much equity you have, whether home improvements are worth it and much more.  Contact us today for your free home value report.

Here’s what’s next:

Trim those trees

One of the most important tasks you can do in the fall is to trim dead the dead branches of trees. This will help them stay healthy during the cold weather months.

Rake your leaves

We all love the crunch of leaves as we walk through them this time of year, however, leaving them on the ground through the winter is really bad for regrowth in the spring.

Get your winter weapons ready.

Now is the time to prepare for the tundra of winter. Replace and service your shovels, snow blowers, emergency kits, winter coats. Stock up on wood for warm and cozy winter fires. You don’t want to be caught unprepared once winter hits!

Store and shut down for the winterFall Home Maintenance : Greece NY

Clean and properly stow your mower. The best way to do this is:

  1. When the mower is cool, remove the spark plug and pour a capful of engine oil into the spark plug hole.
  2. Pull the starter cord a couple of times to distribute the oil, which keeps pistons lubricated and ensures an easy start come spring.
  3. Turn the mower on its side and clean out accumulated grass and gunk from the mower deck.

This is also a good time to turn off outside water spouts, drain your sprinkler system, and take care of any other warm weather appliances!

Be sure to visit local garden centers for all your maintenance needs. In Greece, NY, we have Van Putte Gardens and Frears Garden Center.

Now that your home is in great shape, you’ll be set for an awesome autumn, or you may decide it’s time to make your move. We can help you be home for the holidays.   Take a look at our buyer and seller resources and contact us today.



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