Great Gifts for High School Graduates

Hey there Greece!

grad-1410722_960_720Graduation Day is on the way! The Greece Central School District Seniors graduate next weekend; we are so proud of these classes & simply cannot wait to see all the great things they will accomplish as they move forward!  We’ve put together a guide of great gifts for high school graduates.  Feel free to mix and match or add your own.

Before we dive into the gifts ideas, we want to make sure you’ve got your dates straight.  According to the Greece Central School District’s website, here are the ceremony dates for all our Greece Grads:

Athena High School
Ceremony: Friday, June 24th, 7 pm

Olympia High School
Ceremony: Saturday, June 25th, 9:30 am

Arcadia High School
Ceremony: Saturday, June 25th, 1:30pm

Odyssey High School
Ceremony: Saturday, June 26th, 5:30 pm

And Now for the Gifts!  We’ve got a few ideas that are a little outside the box; if you’re looking for a unique gift check out these suggestions:

Big Ticket Items

gradgiftYour graduate has been working hard the last 13 years!  Time to reward them in style!  If you’re looking for a bigger gift, here are some great options:

  1. A new bike.  This is especially great for students headed off to bigger campuses in the fall.  A bike may just help them get around, and get to class on time!  They are eco-friendly, and since many college’s don’t let Freshman bring cars, they might be the perfect solution for your grad!
  2. Some fancy headphones.  A nice pair of quality headphones are perfect for a music lover.  Noise cancelling is a definite plus!
  3. Some stylin’ luggage.  A solid rolling suitcase can come in handy after high school; from moving into a dorm, to studying abroad, to spring break- a good suitcase is a winner!

Smaller Gifts

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to find great gifts for high school graduates!  Here are some less-expensive gift options:

  1. backgammon-855725_960_720 (1)A magazine subscription.  Let’s face it, if your graduate is headed off to college, they will be doing a lot of reading.  Make at least one of those reads fun, with a cool magazine subscription!  Lots of places even offer digital subscriptions for a fraction of the cost!
  2. An on-demand subscription.  Netflix, Hulu, Sling.  Your high school graduate will need to balance work and play and sometimes includes relaxing with a great show or movie.  Yes, their nose will be in the books, but every now and again, they might want to come up for air and a little break.
  3. Board games.  Okay, it may sound a little cheesy, but board games can be a big hit with college kids!  Perfect for making friends on a rainy day!  Our Facebook friends suggested Backgammon, Life, Twister, Telestrations, Uno, Scattagories, Taboo and Apples to Apples.  Looking for more ideas? Check out these suggestions from

You Can’t Go Wrong with Cash

Want to give your graduate something they are sure to love?  Why not give a monetary gift?  But jazz it up, with a fun way of packaging it or give a gift card tree or bouquet!  Don’t forget a gift card to their campus bookstore will come in really handy!!!

SharonQ Real Estate would like to congratulate all our Greece Graduates!  Way to go, you guys!  Looking for a home in a community with great schools?  Look no further than Greece!  We’d love to talk with you.

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