Greece NY: Amusement & Water Parks 2017

Greece NY: Amusement & Water Parks 2017

In Greece NY, Summer is associated with a lot of activities – boating, barbecues, baseball – to name a few, and amusement parks surely hits the mark.  Like the others on the checklist, a visit to your favorite amusement park or the exploration of a new one is an American summer tradition. Here are some of the best amusement and water parks 2017.


In Rochester, we have been lucky to have Seabreeze Amusement Park on the shore of Lake Ontario.  It’s been in operation by the Norris family for an amazing 138 years!  Seabreeze is listed as the 12th longest-running amusement park, and the Jack Rabbit, the classic roller-coaster from the 1920s-era, is heralded as the world’s longest continuously running wooden roller-coaster.

Seabreeze is the perfect blend of the nostalgic and the modern.  It has more than 25 rides as well as a full water park on the grounds.  There’s a Kiddie City filled with age-appropriate rides for the little ones, a historic carousel, bumper cars for those who loved them all the way from yesteryear to yesterday, an acrobatic show for those who prefer to just watch some aerial thrills, and an old-time arcade.

The newest attraction at Seabreeze is The Time Machine.  It’s a pendulum motion ride.  Up to 20 passengers at a time can ride in its gondola-style seating set against a backdrop of clockworks.  The hands of time will rotate full circle at incredible speeds, carrying the daredevils over three stories into the air!Greece NY: Amusement & Water Parks 2017

Darien Lake

Darien Lake is a world-class entertainment park an hour west of The ROC.  It’s a camping grounds, a venue for the top bands in the music industry, and a park with some of the greatest attractions in the nation.  It boasts a dozen high-flying thrill rides.  The Ride of Steel is the tallest coaster in New York State.  The Slingshot will throw thrill-seekers 300 feet into the air at 80 mph!  The Red Hawk will give riders an idea what it’s like to fly like a bird with a 180-foot ride over the park at speeds of over 60 mph.  And of course The Viper remains the park’s signature coaster with five inversions, a 70-foot drop and a tunnel!  And this is the tip of the iceberg – there’s also The Boomerang, Rolling Thunder, The Mind Eraser, The Motocoaster, The Predator, The Twister, and Blast Off to round out the high thrill rides!  And there’s much more to offer to the more tame of heart with family rides, kid rides, a water park, cabanas, and more.

Roseland Waterpark

In the other direction from Rochester, Roseland Waterpark in Canandaigua has re-invented itself in recent years to become the biggest aquatic park in the Finger Lakes Region.  It has 56 acres of water adventures with nine singular attractions that will provide something for everyone in the family.  Amenities include heated water, certified lifeguards, concessions, lockers for rent, free parking, and plenty of lounge space to sit back and soak up the rays.  In addition, friends can join in a friendly water balloon battle, play beach volleyball, or rent out a paddleboat or canoe at the marina. Greece NY: Amusement & Water Parks 2017

At the adjacent Roseland Wakepark, you’ll find the Learn To Ride Wakeboarding program.  For $49, those new to the very popular wake boarding sport will be given a three-hour pass, rentals, and expert instruction that will provide them with the skill for endless hours of enjoyment.  The beauty of the program is that it guarantees that the pupils will be able to get up on a wake-board before they leave, so it’s not an investment with an uncertain return.

Amusement parks, water parks, and summer vacation have had a long love affair in America, and the Greater Rochester area certainly has some prime ones to choose from!  Pick one of them or pick all of them while the season is here!


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