Greece NY Housing Market Data March 2018

Hello, April!  It’s the first Saturday of the month, so it’s time to take a look at March Housing Market Report for Greece, NY.  Spring is here, even if you can’t tell by the weather!  We are seeing a similar pattern in that inventory is low and multiple offers are common. If you see something that you like, it’s still important to jump on it right away!housing market


In the last 30 days, 189 single residential properties were listed with a median sale price of 157k, which is a significant increase over last month. The desire to spring into action and get into a new home is growing as the weather gets warmer!


Of single residential homes listed in the month of March: 232 have gone under contract with a median price of 130k. The average days on the market is 8.  We’re seeing the activity pick up with more homes under contract than last month.


In the last 30 days, 99 properties have sold with a median closing price of 125k  at 100% of the asking price!

If you are looking to sell your home, you may be tempted to test the waters and price it high. The truth of the matter is, you’d be better off to price it at a fair market value to capture buyers in more than one price range.

If you’re buying a home, make sure your offer is the best it can be:housing market

  1. pre-qualified (get your paperwork ready) rather than pre-approved.
  2. Be flexible with your move-in dates if you can be.
  3. Put down the strongest deposit you can.
  4. Consider an escalation clause.

In a seller’s market, some are concerned that if they sell their home, they won’t find what they are looking for. The good news is that it only takes one home to come on the market to be the right home. If the timing isn’t stellar, you may have to move twice. Keep in mind that it’s all worth it as you will receive the best price on your home and be completely non-contingent for the next home. We can craft a custom plan to help you reach your real estate goals. Contact us today!

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