Ice Cream Greece NY

You can’t beat a cool treat on a beautiful day!!  And since Spring is just beginning, we expect to have plenty of opportunities in the upcoming months to enjoy an ice cream outing!  We’re here to give you the scoop on some of our favorite areas spots to grab some ice cream Greece NY

Abbott’s in Greece

Abbotts Frozen Custard has been a Rochester area favorite for over 100 years!!  Did you know Abbotts has locations across the US now?  One of their newest shops is in Colorado!  But you don’t have to travel that far for your chocolate almond custard!  With a location on Latta Road, and the classic Charlotte Beach location, you don’t have to drive too far for your next dish!  Check out these great deals on their website, or like them on Facebook to get their flavors of the day!!

Sweet Bradley’s Ice Cream

We’ve been a fan of Sweet Bradley’s since it opened on English Road right near the athletic fields.  We are looking forward to another great season.  You can grab a cone and walk some of the trails in English Road Park.

Friendly Ice Cream

Though some locations throughout the land have closed, the Friendly’s in Greece, on Dewey Avenue has remained open!  You can sit and enjoy some spectacular classic sundaes or grab a quick cone at their take out window!

Dairy Queen Grill and Chill

There’s a lot more here than just dessert but let’s focus on the ice cream.  Blizzards, cones, sundaes, novelties and more.  You’re sure to find something for everyone.

Cold Stone Creamery

So many delightful combinations are available at the Tim Horton’s on West Ridge Road near the mall.  You can dream up your own creations or try one of theirs.  Either way, it will be sweet!

Keep in mind that we haven’t even touched base on frozen yogurt or gelato in Greece!  Stay tuned for a future blog that highlights those great businesses too!

Would you rather have your ice cream at home?  Check out the newly released best flavors list for 2017!

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the warmer weather!  What a great time to make a move!  Contact us today for some great flavors in featured homes!

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