Low Calorie Cocktails for Summer 2018

Summer is definitely a prime relaxation time for a lot of working people, as you can stay home, or go out with friends after a long day, to sitting in the sun with a refreshing drink. Though this can be a lot of fun, alcoholic beverages can rack up in sugar and calories, leaving you feeling bloated, sick, and groggy. But, don’t fret, for there is a solution! There are multiple different recipes and drink orders to try with fewer calories and less sugar. A lot of the time, it’s easier to make drinks at home, as you know exactly what you are using and putting into your drink. This isn’t always ideal, though, as summer is all about going out with friends and relaxing. There are drink orders that almost every bartender knows and can prepare for you. Here are some popular low-calorie cocktails to try at home and while you’re out!


  • Mulled Wine (115 calories) – The Tone It Up girls bring a twist on a refreshing glass of wine by using a saucepan to combine fresh fruits and spices. Give this one a try if you have a few extra minutes on your hands!
  • Pomegranate Martini (111 calories) – Another recipe from the Tone It Up girls introduces some fresh pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice!
  • Mudslide (184 calories) – Though it’s not your typical milkshake drink, this Mudslide definitely has a taste of desert. Mix one ounce Kahlua, one-ounce vodka, and 1.5 ounces Irish cream liqueur.
  • Sparkling Rose Cider (171 calories) – Craving the taste of fall in these summer months? Mix five ounces of sparkling rose with 3.5 ounces of apple cider and a little bit of cinnamon. The perfect fix!
  • Skinny Sparkling Blueberry Mojito – This drink is perfect for summer, and has all the greatest refreshing assets. This drink also features a homemade blueberry simple syrup!
  • Kombucha Margaritas – Are you a fan of Kombucha? If so, you definitely should try this margarita twist. Kombucha is said to have a great impact on your digestive system, as it contains live probiotics. Relax, unwind, and be nice to your body all at once!


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  • Mojito (150 calories) – Drinks made with rum can get lost in all of the added flavors, so sticking with a Mojito is great from rum drinkers looking for fewer calories. It’s a drink made with sugar, muddled mint leaves, and lime. Refreshing, and simple!
  • Champagne (95 calories) – Although people tend to only drink champagne when there is something to celebrate, it is one of the most forgiving drinks in terms of calories. Don’t be afraid to get a glass of champagne, and just celebrate the night!
  • Vodka & Soda (100 calories) – Since soda water has zero calories, the vodka soda drink is just accounting for the calories in the alcohol. Plus, you can always trust you’ll be able to order this drink anywhere.
  • Gin & Tonic (103 calories) – Another bar classic, the Gin & Tonic accounts for only 10 calories an ounce and is always available no matter where you go!
  • Bloody Mary (118 calories) – Full of vitamins, the Bloody Mary is a great option for not only brunch but an easy-going and chill night (if you like tomato juice!)
  • Gimlet (178 calories) – The Gimlet combines a splash of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice and your choice of liquor! If you want to cut more calories, replace the juice and simply add a freshly squeezed lime instead.
  • Martini (176 calories) dry – A classic Martini is a mix of vermouth and gin, and if made “dry,” the bartender will make it with less vermouth and more liquor (cutting the calories!)
  • Paloma (160 calories) – Margarita’s can get very sugary and sweet, so those who like tequila might want to try the Paloma! It’s a blend of grapefruit juice, soda, and lime.

Whether you’re needing a night out on the town, or a relaxing night on the back patio, there are multiple recipes and drink ideas that keep your health and your calorie intake in mind! Do you need a refreshing new marketing strategy for your businesses’ health in mind? Contact Steven James today.

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