November Greece Housing Stats 2017

Welcome, December. Can you believe it’s already here? It’s the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time to cozy up and take a look at the Greece housing market and see where trends are heading.  Here are the numbers:


In the last 30 days, 228 properties were listed with an average sale price of 140K.  This is a little lower than last month which is to be expected this time of year.


Of homes listed in the month of November:  175 have already gone under contract with a median price of 130k, with an average of 22 days on the market. Although there are still a lot of listings, the market is moving super fast with homes that have many wow factors:  excellent condition, a great location, and a competitive price.


In the last 30 days, 71 properties have sold with a median closed price of 122k at 99% of the asking price!

As we hit the December market, we will see a little less activity, which is normal.  Wise buyers and sellers will not take a holiday from the Greece real estate market.  As you are out shopping this month, consider adding a move to your list.  Some sellers priced their homes too high and are now making adjustments.  Some buyers didn’t quite find what they are looking for and would like to take advantage of low-interest rates before they rise.  And, if you’re up for it, as we’ve mentioned before, there are still some homes in need of a little love.  The good news is that you don’t have to do all the home improvements yourself.  I have a listed of trusted professionals at your service! I can connect you with a mortgage consultant who will review your finances and the property you are interested in to see if a home renovation mortgage is a good fit.

As we kick off the holiday season, I hope all is merry and bright!  Please know I love the gift of your referrals.  If you or someone you know is looking to make a move, contact me today!

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