November Greece Housing Stats

November Greece Housing StatsIt’s the first Saturday of December and that can only mean one thing! Grab your favorite cup of hot cocoa or coffee and let’s dive into what the November Greece housing stats have to say.  Although Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose sometime soon, it’s still worth getting out and about to see what great houses are available right in our neighborhood.  Buyer and sellers are serious this time of year so let’s see what’s been happening.


At this moment, 187 properties were listed and are still available with a median sales price of 148k.  This is a large increase in sale price and listed properties. It looks as if a lot of buyers are going to be looking this holiday season.


Currently, 175 properties are under contract with a median price of 125k.   The average days on the market is 13 which is almost double since last month. However, the number of houses under contract is nearly 6.5X more than October.

November Greece Housing StatsSold

In November, 57 homes closed with a median sales price of 135k, a slight decrease since October. Sellers are still closing at the listed price despite the increases and decreases. We are committed to staying in tune with what is happening in the industry and keep you up to date every month.

As we look toward 2019, we will see the housing market start to shift with modest inventory gains and increases in mortgage rates.  According to, the road may be a little hard, however, it’s not impossible.  If you focus in on our local community, you will see that our market numbers are predicted to remain steady. Which can not be said for other places through the United States. As the housing market changes are you looking to make a change in your marketing strategy? Connect with us today!

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