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spring novel releasesAs the winter thaws, here are five spring novel releases to start lining up your reading schedule over the next few months!  Don’t have a reading schedule?  No time like the present.  Do yourself a favor if you haven’t read much recently.  It’s a pleasure and passion that many discover or rediscover simply by finding a good book and diving in.  Remember: the journey of a thousand pages begins with the first paragraph!

“Trick,” by Domenico Starnone, is a new novel by the acclaimed Italian author, screenwriter, and journalist, scheduled for a March 6th bookstore arrival date.  The book is translated by Jhumpa Lahiri, herself a Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer.  The moving book focuses on a young boy who must live with his grandfather, Daniele Mallarico, who was once a much-admired illustrator, but one whose fame and professional status are slipping away.  Set in Naples, Italy, the grandfather and the four-year-old humorously and touchingly match wits with one another in the apartment where the old man had formerly lived – one that is filled with memories for him.  Between these past memories and the child who represents the future, Daniele must contend with the weight of his triumphs and regrets.

Tangerine, by Christine Mangan, is set for release on March 27th, a debut novel but one that comes with high expectations, drawing early comparisons to best-seller Gillian Flynn and the highly regarded Patricia Highsmith.  The book is set in Morocco as the main character Alice Shipley tries to adjust to life in the aftermath of a bad accident.  Her former college roommate Lucy arrives and helps her find her way in the new land that intimidates Alice with its bustling humanity and unrelenting heat. spring novel releases

On April 3rd, “The Female Persuasion” by Meg Wolitzer will be released.  Wolitzer started the book well before the world has been rocked by the sexual assault accusations across many professional landscapes, but it certainly is very timely.  It focuses on Greer Kadetsky, a shy and unassuming first-year college student who finds herself with a mentor who has been at the forefront of the woman’s movement for decades.  After the divisive 2016 presidential election and the metoo# movement emerged, Wolitzer felt compelled to add a coda to her novel that projects the characters into the future and how they are impacted with the current issues related to the roles and struggles of women in modern America.

Another anticipated April 3rd release is Varina, by Charles Frazier.  Frazier’s novel ‘Cold Mountain’ was a huge success that was adapted into a major movie fifteen years back (if you can believe its been 15 years!)  This novel, his fourth, returns to the setting of ‘Cold Mountain.’  It revolves around Varina Howell, a teenage woman who agrees to marry a much older widower, hoping he will give her a secure life in Mississippi.  But her husband pursues a career in politics.  His name?  Jefferson Davis – the man who becomes the president of the Confederacy.  Varina finds herself at the epicenter of the most divisive point in American history; she must decide what to do to protect her children and their survival.

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