Stay Informed in a Sellers Market

Hi there.  It’s Sharon, your local real estate expert.  As I shared in the video, it’s time for some real talk when it comes to our current real estate market.  The inventory is low.  Sellers want to sell because they know they’ll get the very best price now; they’re just concerned a home won’t be available.  Buyers are ready to buy, there just aren’t enough properties available.  Don’t panic.  At Sharon Quataert Realty, we pride ourselves on being solution based.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, here’s the best advice I can give you:  stay informed in a sellers market.

Easier said than done.  There are so many different ways to access information on the internet, but not all platforms are accurate.  At Sharon Quataert Realty, our goal is to provide you with the relevant resources you need to make the decisions that are right for you.  We listen.  We know the right questions to ask, and we partner with you to reach your real estate goals.  What’s the best way to keep informed?  We’re glad you asked:

Market Snapshot

This FREE resource allows you to set up an account with the criteria you are interested in.  Based on how often you want to be notified, the system sends you updates on the neighborhoods you are interested in.  Even if a move isn’t in your future, it’s always a good idea to understand the value of your home in any market.  If you are looking for a more precise number, all you need is 30 minutes.  I’m happy to provide you with a home value report at no cost.  This review not only helps you understand your potential equity which is important to your financial future, it also helps me research your neighborhood.  Honestly, a true real estate professional spends part of every day analyzing the market and current trends.

GRAR Quarterly Report

Every quarter, the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors sends out a press release that summarizes activity over the last 3 months.  It’s a great way to get an overview on what the average sale price is, how many homes are on the market compared to last month, etc.   You can watch their site for updates, but since the link is sent directly to me as a member of the board, why not sign up for my monthly newsletter.

SharonQ Mobile App

Need the market news on the go?  There’s an app for that.   Find out what homes are open as you drive, set up a search to get notifications on homes that match your criteria, save your favorites, share with a friend and more.  Download on your IPhone or Droid

Contact Us Today

In a world filled with instant information, nothing beats sitting down with a cup of coffee and talking face to face about what’s happening in the market and what your options are.   We love we do and we’d love to know your story.  Text, email, message, call.  We’ll be here.

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