Superbowl 2018

Here’s a shocker: the New England Patriots are going to be in the Superbowl 2018 next week!   Of course ‘Patriots fatigue’ is real and everyone in the country outside of Massachusetts and some of those other states up in the right-hand corner of the US map suffers from it.  Here in Buffalo Bills country, the Brady-Belichick-Patriots weariness is at critical overload.  Thus, there are many, many Philadelphia Eagles fans across Western New York and the entire United States this week.Superbowl 2018


The Patriots being here certainly isn’t surprising.  But despite their storied pedigree, they always come with controversy.  Of course an early whistle ending a play in the conference championship against the Jacksonville Jaguars that many believe cost the Jags the game, didn’t win the Pats many new fans.  But despite it all, the Spygate, the Deflategate, all the other breaks the refs have seemingly given New England, their place in the annals of dominant teams – in any sport in the world, not just football – is secured and undeniable to anyone except the most insistent deniers of greatness.  One needs look no further than the catch by Danny Amendola to win the game against Jacksonville to see the level of precision and execution of which they are capable. Yes, that’s the same Danny Amendola that had those great catches in last year’s Superbowl in the Patriots’ historic comeback against Atlanta.


So it’s no revelation at all that the Patriots are here yet again.  And maybe six weeks ago, no one would have been surprised to say the Eagles would be their opponent.  But of course that was before the Eagles’ MVP-candidate quarterback, Carson Wentz, went down with a season-ending ACL tear.  It was such a shame to see Philadelphia’s great season led by their second-year star QB going down the tubes before our eyes.  As a team they limped to the finish line just like Wentz was limping after his surgery.  Nick Foles, the back-up QB on his second tour of duty with Philly certainly didn’t look like his former self of a few years back when he made the Pro Bowl.  That was…until the playoffs began!  Foles disposed of the Atlanta Falcons who just about everybody had picked to defeat the Eagles in a battle of the bird nicknames.  And then, last week against the Vikings, Foles took it to a whole other level.  Again, people thought Minnesota coming off their miracle last-play victory over the Saints the week before and with the chance to become the first team in history to play a Superbowl in their home stadium would be way too much for the Philadelphia to handle.  But behind a sizzling-hot Foles, it was Minnesota who didn’t even look like they belonged on the same field with the Eagles.  Philly embarrassed the Vikings in a 38 – 7 blowout.


Superbowl 2018And so in Superbowl LII (52), to be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota (with Eagles rather than Vikings), we have the veteran superstar in Brady trying to burnish his legend even more going against the back-up QB of Philly who knows that he can win the Superbowl only to return to the bench next year as Wentz’s back-up.  But that is the beauty of sports.  The most unlikely scenarios sometimes create the most compelling narratives.


There are a lot of great sports bars in Greece and the surrounding area!  Come find one and enjoy the game with the many new fans of Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles!

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