Moving Back Home From College Tips

First of all, welcome home college students! Moving back after finishing the spring semester can be exciting, yet also nerve wrecking. You have spent the past few months living on your own, adjusting to a different lifestyle, and most importantly, focusing on your education.  Now that you’re coming home, you’ll have to adjust to life with your parents and/or siblings again. But, don’t fear! Here is a guide to moving back home from college to help you transition smoothly (and to keep your parents from pulling their hair out!)

#1) Importance of Reasonable Expectations

Moving home involves adjusting to life back with your parents, which means reviewing expectations.  Make sure to prioritize cleaning your room, helping out with chores, and even offering to drive your siblings where they need to go. Being home should be a break from studying, but it should also be a time to show your parents how much you appreciate them.


#2) What’s a Curfew?

One of the biggest differences between living at home and living at school is scheduling. At school, you plan around you. You have to attend classes, find study time, go to meetings, participate in extracurricular activities, and maybe even work in between all of that. Most students don’t end their days until nearly one o’clock in the morning! Though this may be normal at school, it may not fly at home. Make sure you are communicating with your parents on when you are expected home, and try your best to adjust accordingly. Though you deserve your freedom, your parents also deserve piece of mind.

#3) Communication Is KEY

To put it simply: communicate! If you are having a hard time adjusting back home, talk to your parents. If you feel some ground rules are unfair or unreasonable, communicate! If there are issues left unsaid, problems will arise later on. If you are going somewhere with your friends, tell your parents. If you want to spend the night somewhere else, tell your parents. If you want to stay out later than your given curfew, tell your parents. When in doubt, talk to your parents! If there is a concern, the best way to solve it is to communicate. Communication throughout the family will make coexisting much easier.

#4) Have Fun!

Your parents do not want to torture you, or make you hate being home. This is the time in your life to explore, adventure, and figure out what you want to do with your life. Work enough to make some extra cash on top of your saving money, but also make time to catch up with friends, take a day trip to the beach, or just spend some time with yourself. This summer is your time to rewind, refresh, and get ready for your next semester at school. Make it a good one!

Though these are just a few tips, don’t hesitate to reference some other articles about moving back home, as well as reading about a parent’s perspective on the transition.

Welcome home college kids, and have an awesome summer!  Parents, if you’re thinking about making a future plan to downsize, contact us today!





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