Vacation Spots For 2018

A snowy winter so far has got the word vacation on everyone’s mind! Doesn’t have to be a warm getaway, but just time to unwind from the stress of the holidays and the pressures a new year brings. With so many places to venture to the big question is, where to go on vacation? Well, have no fear! Here are some vacation spots for 2018.

Explore the U.S.A

The U.S has so many beautiful places to see that you’d need more than a lifetime of traveling to see it all. Since we’re short on time there are a few travel hot spots that are total must sees! Whether you’re taking a road trip across country or flying through the sky be sure to check out these vacation destinations!

– Orlando, FL – Home of the Mouse

– San Francisco, CA – City by the Bay

– Nashville, TN – The Music City

Flying Over Seas

Although the U.S.A is full of great places, there is a whole world out there to explore. Tropical, snowy, industrial or rural there is no lack of choices. Buckle up your seatbelts, make sure your tray is in it’s full upright and locked position, and get ready to take off. If you don’t know what to use your frequent flyer miles on, here are some ideas for great places to go.

– Rome, Italy – When in Rome

– Paris, France – The City of Love

– London, England – The Square Mile


Staying Local

While there are so many different vacation spots to choose from there is nothing wrong with staying local. New York State has beautiful mountains, to nice sandy beaches. These local vacation spots could be fifteen minutes from your house to a fun mini road trip of a short seven hours. Explore this amazing state that we live in with these year-round vacation getaways!

– Adirondacks – Enjoy the Journey

– Niagara Falls – One of the Wonders of the World

– New York City – The City that Never Sleeps


When your vacation is all said and done coming home to a nice warm and cozy house is one of the best feelings. Still searching for the warm and cozy house for you? Contact me today to get your search started!

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