Unique Thanksgiving Sides: Greece, NY

Thanksgiving SidesWhen you think about Thanksgiving dinner, turkey is usually the star of the show. Usually, it accompanied by its loyal followers: mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, and cranberry sauce. This Thanksgiving let all your dishes sing in perfect harmony by adding a new twist to your side dishes that will take them from back up to center stage. Here are a few inspiration sparking Ideas:

Sweet Potato Casserole

Give squash the night off and let its close cousin sweet potato fill in for the night. This sweet potato casserole is an unexpected and delicious side that your guests will love!  For this recipe, you will need sweet potatoes, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, milk, brown sugar, flour, and chopped pecans!

Bourbon, Brown Sugar & Orange Cranberry Sauce

Let your cranberry sauce take a boozy twist with this inventive recipe! Your guests will certainly be begging you for the recipe! The leftovers will also go great on your waffles in the morning! Give it a try. Your ingredients list includes cranberries, cranberry/pomegranate juice, orange juice, Bourbon (they use Marker’s Mark), brown sugar, ground ginger, salt, cinnamon, orange liqueur, orange zest, and lemon zest.

Pesto Mashed PotatoesThanksgiving Sides

Take your mashed potatoes on a trip to Italy with these pesto mashed potatoes. This recipe gives a few pro tips on how to make the best mashed potatoes:

  1. Use a starchy potato like Idaho or Russet potatoes. They break down more easily and absorb whatever dairy you add.
  2. Salt the water in the ocean. Just like pasta, the potatoes absorb the water they’re cooked in, creating potatoes that will be well-seasoned.
  3. Start with cold water. If you drop the potatoes into hot water, they will cook unevenly – leaving you with an overcooked outside and undercooked inside.
  4. Warm the dairy before adding it to the potatoes. You don’t want to boil the contents, but you certainly do want to warm it up. Adding cold ingredients to your warm and fluffy potatoes will not only cool everything off, but it prevents maximum absorption into your potatoes.
  5. Don’t overwork the potatoes. When you mash potatoes, you’re releasing the starch within them. Releasing some starch is ok, good even. But release too much starch, and you get gluey and gummy potatoes. The trick is to whip them just until smooth… then stop!

These unique Thanksgiving sides are sure to impress. Looking to impress future guests in a new home? Contact us today!


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